麻糬 Mochi


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Mochi is a representative delicacy made by either glutinous rice or millet with a variety of stuffing, such as red beans, green beans or peanuts. It provides a springy but firm texture.


Where is it from?

When it comes to Taiwan’s aborigine’s and Hakka’s cuisines, mochi is regarded as one of the representative delicacies for both culture.

How do you prepare it?

In Taiwan, there are three branches of mochi: the Hans, Hakka and the aborigine. Among the all, the aborigine is the most suitable one to represent Taiwan. Different with the Hans and Hakka, Amis (one of native Taiwanese tribes) uses millet instead of glutinous rice as the major ingredient and called it “Du Lun.” In the past, Du Lun could only be served during ceremonies and festivals without adding any flavor. However, before Taiwan’s restoration, a baker added various types of stuffing, such as red beans, green beans or peanuts, into Du Lun and it has become the renowned “A-Mei Mochi.”

Where do you buy it?

Hualien’s “Zengji Mochi,” “Amei Mochi” and Changhua’s “Dayuan Mochi” are recommended to try as classic Taiwan’s local delicacy. 

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大腸包小腸 Taiwanese Hotdogs

Taiwanese Hotdogs


Taiwanese hotdogs are simply made by wrapping the smaller Taiwanese sausage in the bigger glutinous rice sausage. Then some other ingredients are added such as peanut powder, cucumber and pepper sauce.

Where is it from?

Taiwanese hotdogs are similar to the American hotdogs. It comes from a creative idea of a Taiwanese vendor who liked both glutinous rice sausage and Taiwanese sausage but was too lazy to eat them separately. Therefore, he figured out a way to eat both of them at the same time. That was to combine these two foods together. Unexpectedly, the combination became an overnight sensation.

How do you prepare it?

The way to make Taiwanese hotdogs is to charbroil glutinous rice sausage and Taiwanese sausage, cut the glutinous rice sausage and then put in ingredients such as peanut powder, cucumber, cilantro, prickled vegetable, garlic, pepper sauce, etc. Later, use the bigger glutinous rice sausage to roll the smaller Taiwanese sausage up. Whether to add some sauces or not is based on personal preference. Normally, vendors put garlic and prickled vegetables into Taiwanese hotdogs.

Where do you buy it?

Taiwanese hotdogs are a common snack in every Taiwanese night market.








草仔粿 Herbal Rice Cake

Herbal Rice Cake

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Herbal rice cake is a salty chewy snack consisting of radish slices and minced pork as the inner portion and glutinous rice and mugwort as the outer part.

Where is it from?

The origin of herbal rice cake is untraceable. However, it has been the indispensable sacrifice on Tomb Sweeping Day for a long time. A saying in Taiwanese goes “worship with rice cake, come the property.” It means if you take rice cake as an offering to the ancestors, they will bless you and assure the offspring of getting more property. No matter if it is the culture of Southern Fujien or Hakka, herbal rice cake is essential in many customs.

How do you prepare it?

Herbal rice cake is a salty snack. The inner part of the cake fills with radish slices, minced pork, and dried shrimps. The outer part is made from glutinous rice and mugwort. Because of mugwort, the outer part has a color of green. The herbal rice cake is steamed. Thus the outside is chewy, the inside is crunchy, and the fragrance is rich.

Where do you buy it?

Although herbal rice cake is a traditional sacrifice on Tomb Sweeping Day, you do not have to wait until that time to buy one. It is sold in many traditional markets in every area, especially in Jioufen, Taipei and Fenglin, Hualien, which are renowned for herbal rice cakes.

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