紅龜粿 Red Rice Cake

Red Rice Cake

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Red rice cake can be produced in either sweet or salty flavor. Its outer part is made from glutinous rice while the inner fillings are made of red bean paste or other ingredients.

Where is it from?

Red rice cake, which has a shape of turtle, is usually used for worship. In Chinese culture, turtle symbolizes auspiciousness and longevity. In the ancient times, people used live turtles to sacrifice to gods. As time passed, it is unlikely to obtain live turtles. Therefore, people produced turtle-shaped food to substitute the real ones. Also, since the red color represents luck and joyfulness, you can find red rice cake in other celebration occasions such as weddings.

How do you prepare it?

Red rice cake has two flavors: sweet and salty. The sweet one is more traditional. The outer part of the rice cake is made from glutinous and red food coloring so it can be red. The inner part fills with red bean paste and mung bean paste. Before steamed, red rice cake needs to be put in the mold to be shaped like a turtle. Sometimes along with the turtle pattern, people also imprint Chinese characters related to happiness on it. Red rice cake has a chewy feel and sweet filling. Now there are many salty and sweet flavors provided for customers to choose.

Where do you buy it?

You can purchase red rice cake in every traditional market all over Taiwan. The most famous one is in Bali, Taipei.


(red rice cake filled with red bean paste)






教育部食品加工科學習加油站 http://content.edu.tw/vocation/food_production/tn_ag/rice9.htm



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